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Dec 24, 2012 8:30pm PST
miller, please call item 3. >> item no. 3 is an ordinance designating sam jordan's bar from 4006 to 4006 as a landmark. >> sam joerd dan's bar has been an institution in the bayview neighborhood for many many years and sam jordan himself was truly an inspirational figure. he was the first african american to run for mayor in san francisco in 1963, he was a longshore man, a golden globes boxer and a staunch community activist and his legacy continues to live on and you see it in his children and his grandchildren. sam jordan's bar has served as an important gathering place for the city's working class and the african american community. i believe land marking this place is long overdue. we have planning staff here to provide the committee with an overview of this legislation and landmarking request and with that i'd like to invite you to come up and make a presentation. thank you. >> i did have an image for the overhead. >> it takes a second. overhead, please. >> can we zoom out a little bit? >> i'm not sure if you need to do it from the machine there or not. i think you should just conti
Dec 16, 2012 6:00pm EST
led by lawyer james ottis jr. and brewer sam adams. they recount the protest spread throughout the country including assaults that spurredded george washington to proclaim the protesters vandals. this about 50 # -- 50 # minutes. >> there is nothing so easy but to persuade people they are badly governed. those words were spoken by the brilliant 18th century massachusetts governor thomas hutchenson, and i'll tell you more about him later. let me tell you what else he said because the words hold true today as much as they did then in 1774. governor hutchenson said you can take the happiest and most comfortable people and use malicious, rhetorical skills to arouse popular discontent with their government, with their rulers, with everything around them, even themselves. this is one of the weaknesses, he said, these are his words "one of the weaknesses of human nature of which ambitious politicians make you to serve their purposes." i year before he uttered those words, a group of boston rebel rowsers convinced americans they were miserable, and to quote hitchenson again, "those who thin
Dec 10, 2012 2:00pm PST
give me a lollipop. >> sam jordan's bar, there's a new bar and it's gonna be a land mark, gonna give it a good big start, gonna have a big lolli pop heart. lollipop, oh, land mark, city landmark. and drink, drink, let the toasts start. drink, drink, to this landmark. drink, drink, drink and we're gonna have a great city landmark and drink, drink and let the toasts start. we're gonna have a new city landmark. let every city make it and we've got lots of heart. >> next speaker. >> how you doing, my name is clyde, speaking on behalf of the family sam jordan's bar, 4004 third street. this has been a long effort, everybody has been involved in this. we really appreciate what you guys are doing and the efforts being brought forth for this institution because so many people have come through that door. recently i found out legendary mayor jordan used to come and tend bar, move all the bartenders out, it was such a social gathering place, any and everybody was welcome. today we still make those efforts, feeding the homeless, picking up cards within the community, everybody is welcome there. eve
Dec 28, 2012 7:00am PST
it through sam taking it over in 1998. at that point sam revamped the market. he installed a kitchen in the center of the market and really made it a place where chefs look forward to come. he created community through food. so, we designed our community as having three parts we like to draw as a triangle where it's comprised of our producers that make the food, our staff, those who sell it, and our guests who come and buy and eat the food. and we really feel that we wouldn't exist if it weren't for all three of those components who really support each other. and that's kind of what we work towards every day. >> valley creamery was opened in 2006. the two pastry chefs who started it, chris hoover and walker who is sam's wife, supplied all the pastries and bakeries for the market. they found a space on the block to do that and the ice cream kind of came as an afterthought. they realized the desire for ice cream and we now have lines around the corner. so, that's been a huge success. >>> in 2008, sam started 18 reasons, which is our community and event space where we do five events a w
Dec 28, 2012 5:00pm EST
. but that all chhnged a few weeks ago... after sam was attacked making a delivery in this glen burnie neighborhhod. 9:41104 i'm prettyysure they called and ordeeed a delivery priver.sam admits he beggn to feel a little unnasy so before & he got out of his car... he grabbed something to protect himseef.9:33:11 it's a little piberglass rod i had up my & sleeve not thinking i would actually have to useeit butt decision hat may have spared this deeiveey driver from being seriously njured. (description)durrng the days ,3 that followed sam was made - cook... his hoors and saaary sllshed.sam had vooateddpizza hut's weapon policy which - states that a driver can not -3 be aammd.9:39:36 ii' not sayinwe should arm all delivery drivers but i'm sayingthat punissing deliiery drivers for defending themselves as they're eing attacked is unjust. 3 the piece of fiberglass sam had... wwa froo a tent... it was part of ooe of the pples. we have yet to hear from pizza hut....despite numerrus & attempts. it is worth noting... that laat onth ne of sam's o-workers was hell at gunpoont and robbed in the ssme
Dec 27, 2012 7:00am PST
their families. it's great to have amy, paula and rachel back with us this morning. >>> and, sam, with all this extreme weather, the country is getting walloped. >> we got a huge amount of snow to get to today. and also some strong, gusty winds. >> the winds last night were amazing. >>> we're also talking about a privacy breach for the first family of facebook. you see that picture right there, they didn't want that out everywhere. but guess what? it happened. >> not good. >>> and lucky in love again and again and again. it's the third time's a charm for janet jackson. the private superstar, now engaged to a billionaire. yeah. a "b." who is he? and why isn't she wearing the ring? we're going to have all the details ahead. and it is a very large ring, i might add. >>> but first, sam, again, this weather. coast-to-coast, it has stopped this country. >> this is the storm we've been talking about since the weekend. and then yesterday, it delivered all the snow. let me show you the pictures that we've been getting in. facebook and twitter. you have been sending in pictures like this. this i
Dec 25, 2012 10:00pm EST
universal health health care ane end of tax breaks for certain wealthy persons. in 1792, sam adams was asked supported whiskey rebellion farmers, who in that year had begun shooting at federal agents rather than pay taxes they considered unfair. adams laughed. he said we will vote against the king and exclude subjects from the government and it is just and necessary, he said. but in his opinion, any citizen of a democratic government who took up against his government ought to be hanged. corporate name change from anyone? thank you very much. [applause] >> we will take questions. i think they would like you to walk to the microphone if you don't mind. thank you. >> in your research, there was some controversy during the election of 1960 and that joseph kennedy manipulated chicago politics to get his son elected president. did you come across any facts about that? >> yes, yes i do. jack kennedy did need to rig the election. it was someone named richard daley who did very well in illinois. that is number one. number two, there were rumors that the mob helped in and around chicago to pull
Dec 30, 2012 11:00am EST
katty kay. "new york times'" helene cooper and abc's sam donaldson. first up, 'tis the season for year-end political awards. best and worst. last year part one of our political awards and this week part two and this is pure fun. our first category president obama's smartest political decision of 2012. which one of these four choices will our roundtablers pick? was the smartest obama decision to campaign relentlessly on raising taxes on the rich? or was it the early takedown of mitt romney in all those ads last spring that painted him as a rich guy? or the high-tech multimillion dollar back room operation to identify every obama vote and then turn it out on election day? for finally, was the smartest obama decision just bring it in, bubba? >> no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years. chris: was that stacking the deck, mike? >> all good. the one they think wargs the brilliant one was betting that if they spent $150 million in nine or 10 states over the summer, it would pay dividends when the thing g
Dec 28, 2012 7:00am PST
the country under a blanket of snow. and sam's telling us, there's more snow on the way. >> watching this storm develop this morning, amy. good morning, everybody. 64% of the country now has the white stuff on the ground. let's show you some pictures out of maine, and the storm exiting that area. caused gusting winds up and down maine. look at vermont, killington, coming in with 18 inches of snow. some places in vermont with 27 inches of snow. as we said, the gusty winds part of the storm that exits. look at the new storm. it's two lows moving through the middle of the country. it will have big impact here. because the southern part of the storm becomes the snowmaker. but during the day today, kicks off strong to severe storms throughout the southeast. the same place that got the december tornadoes will see more storms during the day today. and you need to keep your eye on those storms. then, that snow moves all the way into northern areas. as this low exits, it's very important where it gets off the coastline and where the low explodes or develops off the shore. if it t
Dec 28, 2012 7:00am EST
targeting the northeast this weekend. sam is tracking the latest. >>> medical alert. several people now dead from this season's flu. is the virus spiking and spreading faster than normal right now? is it too late to get your shots? >>> family feud. the 21-year-old musical theater major who told the judge she was being stalked. a restraining order just issued. and who does she say is after her? her parents. >> i wasn't in control of my life anymore. >> we hear from her, in an abc news exclusive. ♪ highway to the danger zone >>> is maverick back on the dating scene? the top gun bouncing back from his high-profile heartbreak. it's more than six months since he split from katie holmes. is this his newest leading lady? >>> the music is mere coincidence this morning. i promise. it takes us all to a place many of us want to forget, i can assure you. >> i loved it. >> i loved it, too. happy friday. george, robin, lara, all at home with their families today. great to have amy, paula and rachel with us this morning. >>> a big headline in the fiscal cliff showdown. now, just four days from h
Dec 26, 2012 7:00am EST
. a massive nor'easter is on the way. sam is here with the latest. >>> and the chilling note left by the killer in rochester, new york, who targeted the firefighters as they responded to that massive fire. the gruesome reason he set his neighborhood aflame. >>> and a million-dollar mixup. this family got the wrong lottery ticket. and struck it rich. now, they say they're set for life. >>> and a very good wednesday morning to you, america. we hope you all had a very merry christmas, if it's something you celebrate. great to have all of you with us this morning. robin, george, lara at home with their families. great to have paula faris, and rachel smith, host of "on the red carpet" back with us this morning. >>> and we're back from the holidays. we're all thinking about returning the gifts, right? just kidding. there's people that are going to be in the return lines. becky worley is here on how to score on both. >>> let's get right to sam. he's been tracking the rough weather that's impacted millions over the week. >> some prepared for it. they were warned in advance. what a night. 34
Dec 24, 2012 7:00am PST
to share with everybody. the best news of all. sam champion, everybody, getting married over the weekend. >> thank you. >> to rubem robierb, now rubem robierb-champion. it was the most beautiful ceremony. and robin looks fantastic. >> how does your hand feel? heavier today in. >> it feels odd. you have to get used to it, right? it takes how long? >> 15 years. give or take a few. >> seriously, congratulations. >> congratulations, we love you, and we love rubem. >> it was a wonderful night. a wonderful night. thank you for having us. >>> we're going to start this morning talking about rough holiday travel. can we go ahead and get into it? >> i think so. >> this delivers snow. show you how it started. the pictures out of the california sierras. almost six feet of snow since fri friday. the flooding pictures as well. sonoma county. san francisco, five inches of rain in the month of december. more than twice they would normally see. this is a wet and rainy time of the year often. but this is a little bit unusual. here's where the system drags in the tough severe weather over the next
Dec 21, 2012 7:00am PST
with sam. good morning, sam. >> good morning, george. as the storm that terrorized the country, now that it's moved in the northeast, it is a big heavy rain situation with wind. we've had an inch of rain so far in the new york city area. another half-inch of rain coming. 45-mile-per-hour, 50-mile-per-hour winds. take a look at the damage that came in with the winds. four stories' worth of scaffolding collapsing. just one of the scaffolding collapses that we have seen in new york. "gma" storm site radar will show you there's plenty left in this storm, still plenty of rain from washington, d.c. to boston today. and plenty of snow in the back end behind it. we use this model to show us where the worst winds will be. what you need to look at is the red arrows. and those red arrows go from the boston area, north into maine, all the way to atlanta. this storm has big snowfall totals, big-time. 20 inches of snow coming down in some locations. and one of those places, williamsburg, iowa, picked up a good, heavy snowstorm and a blizzard. our ginger zee is right there. good morning, ginger. >
Dec 26, 2012 7:00am PST
on how to score on both. >>> let's get right to sam. he's been tracking the rough weather that's impacted so many millions over the week. >> some prepared for it. they were warned in advance. what a night. 34 tornadoes rocked that area. the previous christmas tornadoes had been 12 in 1969. when we tell you this was an epic event, it truly was. take a look at some of the damage. the abc station from birmingham, sending us some pictures from the mobile area. look at these in the deep south. new orleans to montgomery. outside of new orleans, tornado warnings all over the deep south. last night, on twitter, your pictures were sending us all the damage. matt gutman was landing in mobile just about the time that storms got to that area. what's it like this morning? >> reporter: as the sun is coming up, we're bgetting a better idea of how much damage. it was a terrifying christmas for a lot of folks here. still, there's 250,000 people without power. this is midtown mobile. that storm hopscotch through here. knocking out power in a hospital. overnight, dozens of christmas tornadoes terri
Dec 23, 2012 11:00am EST
katty kay, the "new york time's" helene cooper and abc's sam donaldson. it's been a very tough week and americans are trying their best to celebrate the season. this show always celebrates by looking back at the political hits of the last year and what a rich political year it's been of the let's start with the biggest game changers in politics this year. the biggest game change of the political year the surprising supreme court ruling in june that upheld obama care? or was it the big impact our country's minorities had this year to re-elect the president? was it the big fat super pac money that swamped presidential politics this year or the tea party's influence over the republicans rose up over two years ago but continued to dominate the g.o.p. this year. >> i think it's money but not big money, little money. obama raised $1 billion this year, half of it in donations from small people, small amounts, and half in the last three months so astonishing swell of cash at a time when people thought he would be outspent. chris: over and over again, an email asking for $5. >> i'm going wit
Dec 24, 2012 7:00am EST
travel mess on christmas even. tornados forecast if the south. sam is here with all you need to know to get home for the holidays. >>> the cop who plunged into the icy water to save a woman. his bullet-proof vest threatening to bring him down. >>> and wheel of misfortune. fans are calling their favorite show a scrooge, for denying this woman a win. is a game show gift of giving on the way? >>> and down to the wire. the last minute rush is on. round the clock shopping to get all those gifts. we'll tell you where to get the last minute secret deals to delight everyone on your list. >>> and a good monday morning to you, america. which is also to say, a happy and merry christmas eve. george and robin both celebrating the holiday with their families. glad to have amy robach, paula faris here. >> thank you, everyone. we have so many stories to tell you this morning. including the surprising story of this woman. she's accused of being, we're not making this up, too sexy for her job. her boss said she was too distracting and was actually threatening his marriage. she's the one who lost
Dec 18, 2012 11:00am PST
previously owned by sam francis. sam francis was an abstract expressionist artist. this was his studio. you can see in these outdoor areas, the feature drowns out the traffic. and all the bedrooms on this property lead out to their own private outdoor areas. we really worked hard to create this indoor/outdoor effect. welcome to the dining room. this is one of the great rooms of the property. what we did here when creating this space is create it to the outdoors. we wanted to bring in a lot of light. you can see one of the main elements here is the dining room table. it was created out of old indonesian boat wood. it was created with the spirit of sam francis. one of the main features in this room is this relic. it's an old fishing canoe from indonesia suspended from the ceiling. now we're in sam francis' former art studio. we recreated this space with the spirit of sam in mind. as you can see above with these giant wood trusses, you can see skylights bringing in light and allowing hot air to rise out of this space. one of my favorite elements is this concrete stair behind me. just exploding
Dec 27, 2012 7:00am PST
who did this? three outlaws, lew slade, sam kirk and rufe watson. them after money? gold shipment. on way to express office. did they get the gold jason? no i held them off while driver and wagon got away. i've seen watson before. can you describe the other two? one a big man, with... too late kimosabe. him gone now. poor fellow he didn't have a chance. one man against three. we go after them? yes tonto. ♪ ♪ man riding fast. maybe that one of them. it's watson tonto, he's seen us. come on. ♪ ♪ ♪ what are you chasing me for? i didn't get any of that hold up money. i know you didn't, neiter did slade or kirk, the three of you killed a man on the law wants you for that. you mean that express messenger died? somebody aim too good, bullet hit heart. an innocent man gave his life to break up that robbery. i'm going to bring the three of you in if it's the last thing i do. where did you leave your accomplices? back at the cross roads. we figured it would be better for the three of us to split up. you're meeting them again some place? where? i don't know. tonto it
Dec 6, 2012 9:00am PST
aassistant editor on a horror movie named "evil dead," which is how ethan and i met sam. there's some tools that i found to be very helpful on the making of my films that joel recognized as good, and he's applied them like any craftsman would. (sam raimi) one of them is "shakycam," which is a simple 2-by-4 board and a camera placed in the middle. and then you get an operator on either end of the board and it acts as a stabilizing element. so it allows you to move the camera cheaply and quickly. you can also rush at objects and go over them and come to a quick stop. (sam raimi) joel used that extensively. it's a very good effect. ooohh! aahh! owww! i remember how i was struck the very first coen film i saw, i saw "blood simple" before it went into release. i saw it at a film festival. it's a terrific genre story. (richard jameson) the guy's out on a country road at night. and he's got a shovel and he's walking along, (richard jameson) the dragging the shovel a coon the blacktop road. 's just the kind of noise that a shovel makes, and that sound, in that scene, punctuating the emotions, punca
Dec 11, 2012 9:00pm PST
>> sam! sam! >> are we late? what did we miss? >> nothing, ms. coradeen, the town meeting hasn't each started yet. >> i will told you we'd be fine. i didn't have the time to let the second coat of face paint dry before applying the third. >> it's holding up real well. where's emaline? >> well, how should i know, i've had my face under the dryer for like 45 minutes. >> summer, what are you doing here? i thought you were leaving. >> well, dad and i sat down and had the first total honest conversation i think we've ever had. he gave his life to christ and he's different now, in a good way. after that talk, i realize that he loves me and he's doing what he can date of birth a good father, and that can't be easy. >> both of our dads have been under pressure a lot. >> i think he needs me and i think i need him, too, so we're staying. >> awesome! this is going to be so great. >> hi, folks, thank you for coming. please, gather around. i would like to update you on a couple of things. a couple of weeks ago when i found out that the board was shutting us down, i didn't tell anyone. i want
Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm PST
so often to enact one. here jackie hilly and sam seder, host of ring of fire, welcome both of you to the show. jackie, let me start with you. it seems with unfortunate frequency we have this conversation after strategies like this. let's get the assault weapons ban in first place. do you think it will happen, and even if we do, is it enough? >> yes, i think it will happen, and the answer to the second question no, it is not enough. as to the first issue. i think having an assault weapons ban at this time everybody should know these are military weapons. they don't belong in civilian hands. they were designed for rapid fire killing as many people as possible. frankly, it defyies belief that we should believe that they belong in civilian hands. >> eliot: sam, are we in a moment where we have defined expectations down so far? as jackie said we'll get some form of an assaults weapon ban reuped, the one that was expired in 2004, we'll pat ourselves on the back but that is setting the bar so low. >> yeah, it does set the barlow. one of the basically ceiling stops around the supreme court.
Dec 20, 2012 7:00am PST
moines, iowa. and ginger zee is right under all that snow. good morning, ginger. >> sam, the winds here have been absolutely brutal. you can see the blowing snow behind me. we have another a foot that will now blow into snow drifts on the road. three-foot to five-foot drifts. troubling for holiday travelers. overnight, eight inches of snow dumped in parts of nebraska, with 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts that sent cars like this sliding straight through intersections. and in iowa, in the midst of a blizzard, a flash. >> was that you? >> and then -- >> yeah. >> reporter: yep. that's thundersnow. it's just one of the many weather phenomena from this winter storm. it's affecting everything from colorado to wisconsin. and on the backside, in texas, downtown lubbock was hardly visible wednesday. dust storms caused by whipping winds up to 60 miles per hour, sent 23 cars colliding on this texas highway, killing 1 man and injuring 17 others. and this storm would shut down parts of an interstate in colorado, was just as much trouble as the denver airport. >> one cancellation. two delays. missed one
Dec 12, 2012 12:00am EST
. >> sam eshaghoff's scam was getting paid thousands of dollars to take the s.a.t. test for other students. he did it at least 16 times, scoring in the 97th percentile of the country. >> i would call him an academic gun for hire. that's what he was. >> welcome to 60 minutes on cnbc. i'm bob simon. in this edition, we examine two very different kinds of fraud. bernie madoff's wife and surviving son break their silence about wall street's most infamous criminal. and later, we visit a high school con man who figured the best way to make the grade was to cheat the s.a.t.s but first, in december 2008, bernie madoff confessed to running a $65-billion ponzi scheme, the largest financial fraud in history. while madoff is serving 150 years in prison, his family had to deal with the consequences of his crimes. his wife ruth divested of most of her great wealth and derided by a suspicious world. their son mark dead, driven to suicide by shame and accusations of guilt. their other son andrew isolated, trying to live with the disgrace. are they innocent or willing partners? in october of 2011,
Dec 6, 2012 7:00am EST
. >> thank you, sam. >> just saying. >>> all right, guys. we're going to turn to the breaking news overnight of the military software titan, john mcafee, captured by police in guatemala, where he went to seek asylum. just before his arrest, he speak exclusively to abc's matt gutman. and matt joins us live from guatemala city with the latest on that bizarre interview. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. in that interview, mcafee very animated. saying he felt safe here for the first time in months. seeking asylum here. but just hours later, the immigration police picked him up. they're planning to fly him back to belize from the airport behind me, a move that surprised nearly everyone here, most of all mcafee. overnight, john mcafee was stuffed into a police car here in guatemala. >> john, where are you going? >> to jail. >> reporter: arrested by the country, just hours earlier. he told us exclusively he hoped would grant us asylum. this morning, officials here say they will deport him back to belize, where he is being sought for questioning in the november murder of his
Dec 3, 2012 7:00am PST
the west. sam has the latest on that. >> i mean, five days, you think about it, november 27th, these folks have had back-to-back storms. about 150-mile-per-hour wind gusts in the mountains. even on the shorelines, a good 70, 70-mile-an-hour winds. pictures like this, with trees down. you've had boulders in the middle of the roads. roads closed. flooding, power lines down. when you look at the rainfall totals it's exactly what we expected out of this triple-hit of storms. monterey coming out with more than 18 inches of rain. all the way into the san francisco area, almost 4 inches of rain in that time period. three storms shoving that rain up against the coastline. give that rain a lift and you get the total, 12 to 18 inches of rain as a three-event total in those areas. today is a little break. today is the day you scrape the mud off. you get the trees out of the way. you try to get the power back on and our cecilia vega is just east of san francisco area this morning. good morning. >> reporter: hey, sam, good morning to you. boy, you said it. to see the mess this series of storms ha
Dec 30, 2012 2:30pm PST
, today, weapon to bring out sam a r va,do s. yeah, come up to the mike. and so sam is a drummer for and and own ever of sam a dad dough's drum shop in the musical community and he has provided quality service and assistance to emerging and established drummer and is i want to acknowledge his heartfelt contribution to the community and his dedication to the craft of refurbishing drums and he will be missed as he movies his business from frank to port lapped and you contribute so much to the unique character the san francisco and south of market and thank you for supporting our arts and community which, is deeply moved by your departure and so the board of supervisors pretend you with this accommodation and if you we would like to you come up and take a picture after your words sam. >> well, i want to thank my beautiful wife, i never expected this, janice, all of my employees over the years, jason ebbly, coal gill, rich felix michael park son, mark a both and i already set said my beautiful wife but i'm going to say it again my friend and machinist jack, my favorite thing to do is not
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 714 (some duplicates have been removed)